Wednesday, 25 July 2007

August TLM

Please note that August's TLM will be on the 12th instead of the 5th.


Anonymous said...

What about the motu proprio? It is time to ask for daily if not weekly Traditional Mass at St Josephs or St Fancis Xaviers South Hobart.
Ive written to the Archbishop asking him. Everyone should.

Mishka said...

I agree, but according to the motu proprio there is no need to ask permission of the Archbishop! The first step is to ask the pastor of the parish, then appeal to the Archbishop if a negative answer is received. If you're really keen to have more frequent Masses, make sure you and as many people as you know are at the next two monthly TLM's (August 12 and September 2) so that the demand for the TLM can be recorded in the Winter Survey. Don't forget, the motu proprio doesn't go into effect until September 14! If you or a friend can't make it for some reason, contact me for a copy of the survey.